Zening Fu

Research Assistant Professor

TReNDS Center & Georgia State University


Dr. Fu’s research interests involve developing novel algorithms and data analysis strategies for capturing highly reproducible brain biomarkers. He is also investigating how brain disorders contribute to abnormalities in brain dynamics. His academic training and research experience have provided him with an excellent background in signal processing and computational neuroscience.

The human brain is a highly dynamic system characterized by non-stationary neural activities and represented by changing psycho-physical states and mental functions. Identifying brain dynamics from complex neuroimaging signals and exploring the functional relevance of brain dynamics has gained increasing popularity for it is essential for understanding how the brain is organized to support cognitive and affective processes as well as utilization of brain dynamics in neural engineering and clinical applications.

Dr. Fu’s current work is concentrating on a “Neuromark” project, which aims to understand the unique and common mechanisms among neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders. This project enables the investigation of how different brain biomarkers contribute to the underlying mechanisms in a wide range of brain diseases.

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