4D FFT Toolbox (fft_4d_toolbox_v1.0a)

4D FFT toolbox is based on paper Robyn L. Miller et al., “Multidimensional frequency domain analysis of full-volume fMRI reveals significant effects of age, gender, and mental illness on the spatiotemporal organization of resting-state brain activity”, Frontiers in Neuroscience. 16 June 2015. A core idea of the technique is to compute the spatiotemporal spectral profile (STSP), two dimensional representation of four dimensional fMRI data (X x Y x Z x Time). Toolbox runs on MATLAB R2013a and higher. Add directory fft_4d_toolbox_v1.0a and its sub-directories on MATLAB path. To invoke the toolbox, enter fft4_toolbox at the MATLAB prompt.

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