Newest version of GiFT: Feb 2021

Newest version of GiFT: Feb 2021
We updated gift to include the following:
  1. Algorithm name GIG-ICA is changed to MOO-ICAR to distinguish between the spatially constrained analysis and the GIG-ICA back-reconstruction approach.
    1. MOO-ICAR algorithm estimates the individual subject component maps and timecourses given spatial references or templates.
    2. GIG-ICA estimates individual subject component maps and timecoures given ICA aggregate maps as reference in the back-reconstruction.
  1. Two more cluster evaluation criteria like Daviesbouldin and Ray-Turi are added in the temporal dFNC toolbox.
  2. Subject ICA loadings (*ica_subject_loadings.nii) are written out to the disk when algorithms other than the constrained ica approaches are used.
  3. Nan version of mT function is fixed to include multiple contrasts when more than 2 levels is used in the categorical covariates.
  4. Default display template is changed to ch2bet_3x3x3.nii.
  5. SPM MEX binaries are updated.
  6. Kurtosis graphs are fixed to include y-limits separately for timecourses and spatial maps.
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