Najme Soleimani

Najme Soleimani

Graduate Research Assistant

TReNDS Center & Georgia State University

Welcome to my academic corner! I am a dedicated CS PhD student and researcher with a specialized expertise in image and signal processing. My journey led me to the fascinating crossroads of computer science and neuroscience, where I focus on exploring the brain’s structural and functional networks, especially in the context of mental disorders.

The brain is the most complex system we know of, and my mission is to untangle its mysteries by developing techniques to interpret brain imaging data. I employ cutting-edge techniques and develop new approaches to better understand how mental disorders affect brain networks.

In my quest for knowledge, I strive to bridge the gap between engineering and neuroscience by integrating engineering principles with advanced computational techniques to push the boundaries of what we know about the brain. I am always looking for collaborations and discussions that can spark new ideas and innovations.

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