Kseniya Solovyeva

Kseniya Solovyeva

Postdoctoral Research Associate

TReNDS Center & Georgia State University


I have completed my PhD in Biophysics and Masters in Applied Physics and Mathematics in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia. My research interests center on the mechanisms of the brain and consciousness. My main goal is to create a technology for deliberately changing the state of consciousness to achieve states most suitable for effective work, learning, or therapy. I believe that we need high-quality brain models to reach this goal.
For my PhD, I used computational modeling based on Hopfield networks, McCulloch-Pitt’s neurons, LIF, and Hodgkin-Huxley neurons. In addition, I proposed elements of communication between the architecture of artificial networks and the mechanisms of the brain. For the last couple of years, I have devoted myself to working with experimental data. My experience: 

Experiments with EEG (dry and wet electrodes): solving cognitive tests, meditation, solving problems in mathematics, perception of visual images. 

EEG data processing: spectral analysis, functional connectivity analysis, evoked potentials, elements of machine learning, calculation of information metrics (lempel-ziv, entropy). 

Currently I am working on “Causal modeling of brain dynamical data with the goal of eventually arriving at better computational models of how the brain works.”

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