Software Engineer Manager Cyrus Eierud

Cyrus Eierud

Software Engineer Manager

TReNDS Center

Having a background as a computer consultant for CACI (Pentagon) and Crosstier (Microsoft), a wish for more challenging problems arose at the same time interest in how the mind works. The answer was to break from the commercial side and move into neuroscience, starting a BS. Finishing a BS and MS in Medical Physics and then a PhD in computational biology and neuroscience he explored neuroimaging with support vector machines, mild traumatic brain injuries and how music and linguistics affect cognitive reserve. Currently, his interest is focused at combining both computer skills and neuroscience to explore how to minimize artifacts affecting the precision and accuracy of different brain connectivity analyses. How does a minor artifact affect the pipeline at various stages in the analysis and the end results? Are there ways to automatically correct for any of these artifacts? The end goal is that corrections may improve our understanding the underlying sources such as mental states and disorders by increasing the accuracy of brain signals and independent component analyses.

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