Ashkan Faghiri

Graduate Research Assistant
TReNDS Center & Georgia Institute of Technology
I received my bachelor and masters from Shiraz university and Sharif university of technology respectively (both in my home country Iran). I started my PhD under supervision of Vince Calhoun from 2016. At 2019 I transferred from University of New Mexico to the Georgia Institute of Technology to continue working on my PhD. My primary goal in TReNDS center is developing new analysis methods for neuroimaging data sets. In my current projects, I am focusing on developing methods for connectivity estimation which combines statistic estimators with signal and system processing ideas. In the future, I want to go beyond connectivity and expand my ideas for high order statistics. I strongly believe to be able to analysis brain, which is probably the most complex systems in the universe (apologizing to aliens with more complex brains), we should look at all order of statistics (from low to high order). The (very big) issue is estimation and interpretability of higher order statistics. I hope that at the end my PhD, I have been able to further our knowledge in this regard. For a list of my publication you can check out my google scholar page:
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