Thomas DeRamus

Postdoctoral Research Assistant
TReNDS Center & Georgia State University
Dr. DeRamus earned his Ph.D. studying brain development and morphology in children and adults on the autism spectrum. He has additional research on machine learning approaches to assessing the transition from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer’s dementia, and molecular methods to study effects of histone methylation alterations in rodents. At the TReNDS center, Dr. DeRamus' work focuses on functional connectomics above traditional BOLD frequency values, and multi-modal fusion of functional MRI and model-free diffusion-weighted connectomics to analyze structure/function interactions in the brain. Dr. DeRamus is also a neurodiversity advocate, avid pun enthusiast, stats geek, houndmaster, and level 10 human wizard! His research interests include: · Functional connectivity models informed by diffusion MRI · Reward circuitry in mood disorders and individuals on the autism spectrum · Clinical/behavioral subtyping using data driven methods · Developing tools for alternative statistical methods for MRI analysis · Automated methods for artifact identification in neuroimaging data
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