David Bridwell

Past Faculty: Research Scientist
TReNDS Center & Georgia State University
I am interested in how apparently distinct brain networks integrate and shape sensory processing. Within my research, I often isolate brain activity by measuring the cortical response to steady-state visual or auditory stimuli (i.e. with frequency-tagging). These studies have revealed distinct attention networks for enhancement and suppression (Psych Science), individual differences in attention strategies during fine and course discriminations (Journal of Neurophysiology), individuals sensitivity to musical patterns (Frontiers), and the influence of visuospatial load on auditory 40 Hz responses (Frontiers). I am also interested in isolating brain responses that contribute to processing more natural or socially relevant stimuli. Toward this aim, we demonstrated that EEG responses to movie clips contain enough information to predict which clips individuals viewed, but did not appear related to individuals subjective preference for the clip content (PLOS ONE). In an EEG hyperscanning study, we demonstrated that EEG responses during speech preparation are related to the listener ERP response to the prepared speech (Scientific Reports). This relationship may appear as a result of each process overlapping in their sensitivity to individual effort and cortical processing.
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