Leadership Team

Vince Calhoun

Founding Director & Distinguished University Professor
TReNDS Center
The founder and visionary of the TReNDS center, Dr. Calhoun develops techniques for making sense of complex brain imaging data.

Sergey Plis

Associate Professor of Computer Science
TReNDS Center & Georgia State University
Dr. Plis's research goals lie in developing computational instruments that enable knowledge extraction from observational multimodal data collected at different temporal and spatial scales.

Jingyu (Jean) Liu

Associate Professor of Computer Science
TReNDS Center & Georgia State University
Dr. Liu’s research focuses on exploring and identifying genetic effects on or association with brain anomalies related to mental illnesses and disorders..

Jessica Turner

Professor of Psychology
TReNDS Center & Georgia State University
My research interests fall under “what can we know from cognitive neuroimaging and genetic data,” and “how can we represent what we know from these experiments?”

Robin Morris

Professor, Regents Executive Officer for Entrepreneurship
TReNDS Center & Georgia State University
I specialize in developmental and clinical neuropsychology, developmental dyslexia, reading and attention related disabilities, acquired brain injury, neurogenetic disorders.

Eric Verner

Associate Director of Innovation
TReNDS Center
Eric’s mission is to develop real-world applications from research at the TReNDS center.

Jeremy Bockholt

Manager & Analyst Programmer
TReNDS Center
H. Jeremy Bockholt works as the manager of application development at TReNDS.

Brittny Miller

TReNDS Center Manager
TReNDS Center
Brittny Miller has worked with the TReNDS team in many capacities including facilitating multiple neuroimaging research studies, software development for the Collaborative Imaging and Neuroinformatics Suite (COINS) platform, project management, and more.
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